Exploring Wellness through CBD and Adventure…

Who are we?

    We’re two Vermont kids finding adventures. We are entrepreneurs and scientists, passionate about the powerful benefits that cannabinoids can have on your wellbeing. We make our own clean and potent extracts that give results.

    We embarked on this journey to:

    • Bring adventure back into your life
    • Restore inner-balance though nature and cannabinoids
    • Provide clean, healthy and safe products backed by science
    • Share with you Vermont’s stunning beauty

    Our Vision

    Our entire Be-Leaf & Terps Co. line revolves around our vision for creating the best CBD products to benefit you as you journey through life. We believe in adventure, challenging oneself and living life to the fullest! We harness the power of cannabinoids to restore the delicate balance of our human body’s eco-system. All our products are made with clean ingredients to ensure you get the best, most potent results from their use.

    Our lively brand reflects the beauty that can be found in our home state of Vermont. There is so much to explore around us and we decided to take you, our awesome customer, with us on this adventure! Explore Vermont’s stunning nature, and the use of cannabinoids for restoring balance and wellness.

    At Be-Leaf and Terps Co., we believe in bringing you products that are ethical, sustainable, and backed by science. We vet every supplier and vendor we work with to ensure our strong ethics align. We are committed to supporting companies that operate with sustainable, direct trade practices. Good for the world, good for YOU.

    To learn more about our extraction process and how we source our hemp, visit our partner X-TRACT VT.