Rock Point

Rock Point

Rock Point

Trip hightlights

Piña Coladas


Pack your cocktails to-go and enjoy on this beautiful rocky beach. Piña Coladas, sunsets, 80 degree weather…need we say more?

Incredible Sunset


The pictures say it all. We highly recommend you plan your treck so you arrive in time for the sunset! It’s worth it.



This spot is secluded, beautiful and quiet. It’s a nice place to come for a peaceful moment enjoying the lake.

What to pack

  • water
  • bugs pray & sunscreen
  • CBD cigarillo
  • Piña coladas! (see recipe bellow)

If you plan on swimming:

  • swim suit
  • beach towel
  • A change of clothes (optional)

Making the Piña Coladas

Place all ingredients in a blender, and blend until smooth! This recipe is good for 2-3 people. Always drink responsibly and don’t ever drive under the influence! 

Finding Rock Point

Rock Point School is a private boarding highschool with a set of trails that lead to beautiful spots on the lake.

Be mindful that students live there that the space is theirs. We are welcome to walk on the marked trails, but all buildings and gardens are private.

We hiked to Thrust Fault Cove which is a great location to watch the sunset from, but all destinations are scenic!

Swim, enjoy the sunset, chill.

This is a wonderful little adventure that does not require much preparation. Being so local to Burlington and Winooski, those who live close can even walk or bike there from home! 

And that’s it for this post! Enjoy a few fun selfies and pictures we took on Rock Point. Take your own and tag us on Instagram to get featured on our page.

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Till next time! <3

Burton Island

Burton Island

Burton Island

Trip highlights

Grabing lunch on an Island!

Burton Island Bistro is an awesome destination for a fun day out on the water! They serve awesome sandwiches, salads, burgers, cold drinks and more!

Enjoying Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain is a great big body of water with lots to explore. Burton Island is charming and the scenery of the lake is stunning!  

What to pack for the day

For the road trip:

  • money for gas and food / snacks
  • good vibes!

Boating to Burton Island Bistro:

  • bathing suit & towel
  • snacks (optional), lots of water
  • sunscreen & bugspray
  • CBD vape and/or tincture!
  • an extra dry set of clothes (sweatpants and sweatshirt recommended if it’s cool out!)

#1: The Road Trip & Boat Journey

Our Starting point: Winooski, VT 

Destination: Kill Kare State Park

Driving Time: 40 min

Budget for the day (2 people): $35-65

Kayak time to Burton Island: 15-25 min

Burton Island is quite the hidden gem! The best access point is from Kill Kare State Park where a passenger ferry called The Island Runner carries folks to Burton Island State Park. If you don’t have your own boat and don’t want to rent one, this is the only way to get there. The fare is $8 for a round trip on top of the $4 State Park entrance fee. (per person)

Click here to view more rates and Island Runner Ferry schedule!

Alternatively you can bring your own boat(s), or rent some from the park! A kayak is $30 for a half day, and a tandem kayak is $35! Grayson and I had lots of fun exploring the little islands around and we highly recommend renting your own boats if you’re sticking around for the whole day!

#2: Grab Breakfast or Lunch

The Burton Island Bistro is a small store and cafe serving breakfast and lunch with cold salads, burgers, sandwiches, and other to-go items. The store also sells camping goods, beer, wine and ice. The Bistro’s hours are 8:30am to 4:00pm. Breakfast is available from 9:00am to 11:00am and lunch is from 12:00pm to 2:00pm.

Make sure you keep these hours in mind when planning your trip! Grayson and I arrived at Kill Kare State Park at 1:29pm and had to really rush to kayak to the island before the kitchen closed!! It was funny, but definitely not the most relaxing… :’D Especially if you plan to take the Ferry you will need to coordinate the time right.

Also, we both can vouch for the great food. The sandwiches are fresh and well crafted! Perfect picnic meal. 

#3: Relax with CBD

We packed our CBD vape travel kit for ease of travel and ease of mind!

Enjoy the lake & the sun on this perfect little adventure. Will you go for it? If you do, make sure to take photos and tag us! <3

Stay tuned for a action shot contest coming soon… You DEFINITELY won’t want to miss out on the prize. 😉

Warren Falls

Warren Falls

Warren Falls

Trip highlights

Cliff Jumping!


Warren Falls is known for its many pools to jump in. There are many different rocks to jump from, accomodating all comfort levels!

Best Ramen in VT


Stoke Ramen Bar has some of the most authentic ramen Grayson has tasted since his months abroad in Japan!

What to pack for the day

For the road trip:

  • money for gas and food / snacks
  • good music & good company!

Cliff Jumping / Swimming at Warren Falls:

  • bathing suit & towel
  • snacks, lots of water
  • sunscreen & bugspray
  • CBD vape & Rosie’s CBD Confections!
  • an extra dry set of clothes (sweatpants and sweatshirt recommended if it’s cool out!)

#1: The Road Trip

Our Starting point: Winooski, VT 

Destination: Warren Falls

Driving Time: 1 hours

Warren Falls is a popular destination, so you should have no problem plugging it into your GPS. It is a beautiful hour long drive through the Green Mountains, so bring your favorite friends and good vibes for the road!

#2: Swimming at Warren falls

This awesome spot is a great way to cool off on a hot day. With lots of places to jump into deep pools, you can amuse yourself all along the falls with very little risk. I saw a man swim/slide down every fall which was pretty cool! Kind of like a very long & choppy water slide! Here are a few pictures and videos to show you what it’s like:

#3: Spots to Eat

Trust us, you are sure to be hungry after this outing! We found an amazing ramen spot called Stoke Ramen Bar where we ate some of the best ramen we’ve every had in Vermont. They are only open Wednesday through Saturday from 5pm to 9pm so if you want to hit up this spot, plan accordingly!

Of course, the town of Waitsfield is full of other wonderful places to eat! We recommend Mad Taco, Worthy Burger Too, or The Blue Stone depending on what you’re feeling. 

We also highly recommend Red Hen Baking Co. as a stop on your trip home! It’s located in Middlesex right off the highway and isn’t a huge detour if you’re headed towards Burlington. Red Hen has amazing bread, not to mention pastries, coffee drinks and in the summer, wonderful creemees!

That’s a wrap for this adventure! If you decide to go to Warren Falls inspired by this blog, make sure to take photos and tag us! <3

Cheers, and till’ next time!