Vermont’s Premiere CBD Adventure Brand

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CBD Buzz

Water soluble CBD Nano-Emulsion

Perfect for infusing coffe, tea, and mocktails

CBD Vape Carts

Pure CBD distillate vape carts

By-pass all the cutting agents and harmful additives. We offer you 97% pure cannabinoids CBD vape carts made with high quality broad-spectrum extracts!


Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

1000mg of pure CBD tincture with light cannabis terpenes. A pure and simple way to get your daily dose of wellness.

About Us


Meet Grayson: the mind and maker behind all our CBD products. Everything we make is pure, clean, and potent. We don’t cut any of our products with fillers or harmful preservatives and our belief in the power of cannabinoids drives us to make the best products with integrity.


Meet Emma: our Adventure Coordinator. Her love for challenges and adventure has driven her to joining multiple startups with values she believes in. Be-leaf & Terps Co. is a Vermont CBD Adventure Brand with a mission to highlight the wonders of our beautiful home-state and explore wellness, adventure, and the power of cannabinoids!

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